• Die Struck Products


       How They Are Made

       A die is used to stamp an impression onto a copper, brass or iron sheet. Copper has a slight advantageover iron
    since it is a softer metal. This means when struck with the die, copper products typically have sharper images than their iron counterparts. After being struck by the die, the impressions are cut out to form individual product faces. The products can either be left in that state to give an attractive relief look, or alternatively, the recesses can be filled in with bold colored enamels. Our high polished products do not have their recesses filled with enamel paints. Instead , the very carefully crafted products are given a matt or textured finish. The raised areas are highly polished for a very distinguished look. These products are of very high quality. Finishes for this style include gold on gold, silver on silver, bronze and black metals. Antique or brush finishes are also available at an additional charge. The antique process produces a unique, rich, quite understated look for any style of product, guaranteed to catch the eye.

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