• Polish Enamel (Imitation hard enamel) Products


      How They Are Made

       Polish Enamel (Imitation hard enamel ) pin or badge is stamped from a piece of metal. The design layout would be engraved in the mold, and the side frame and the cutting edge of the pin or badge is cut by another mold. It is then colored by a kind of epoxy compound, and put into the heater to solidify the material. In addition, each piece of the polish enamel products is stone-sanded and hand-polished, and would be subject to quality inspection throughout the manufacturing process. For proper quality control, all items are subject to at least three quality inspections before shipment. The first quality inspection is conducted by the packing department immediately after the products are finished. The second inspection would be conducted by the warehouse staff for acceptance, and the final inspection would be conducted by the sale staff before they could be shipped out.

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